From the initial idea to delivery at the POS – we are your strong partner for certified best sellers.

Producing sales-boosting products in extremely high quality on time

Because in our business segment, only those who support their customers flexibly achieve success. We are not just a creative partner for the development of innovative products but also a reliable logistics service provider who ensures that thousands of individual product versions reach the outlets concerned on time.

A well-attuned team and a structured production process

Teamwork is an essential necessity for any successful company. Our customers rely on SPEQ because we have a professional, goal-oriented and well-attuned team. We work with considerably less effort and achieve our goals much faster – here in Germany or in production in Asia.

We prepare for a new product, gain experience with it, change perspectives, combine ideas and concepts and improve on the familiar. Our ideas improve products, optimise processes or extend our services.

Development work at SPEQ means: not just seeing the results of our own research produced on paper but on a large scale. Keeping the following question in mind during every stage phase from planning to concept: What good will it do?

Clean, production-focused design is the basis of any successful series production. Our specialists work on prototypes, motion simulations or detailed drawings as part of a global network.

Our 3D tool design provides state-of-the-art tools that combine process reliability, long tool life and high accuracy. We can produce moulds for a variety of special production processes.

Our developers plan the agreed test scopes for our products methodically and in good time together with the world’s leading testing institutes. Whether it’s testing for harmful substances or the Machinery Directive, the certified safety of our developments is given top priority.

Efficient production saves costs and therefore increases our customers’ profits. Optimal capacity utilisation and carefully considered staff organisation help produce the highest quality in the agreed time.

Packaging and product are one unit. Good packaging comes into contact with the consumer at the point of sale, it communicates innovations and attractiveness. In a nutshell, that means: Good packaging protects the product. Great packaging protects the brand.

The integration of transport and logistics is crucial for the long-term success of our fast-moving consumer goods industry. We form strategic collaborations, expand our distribution networks further and track the benefits of what we do.

The customer is king and customer satisfaction is our company’s advertisement. Our service strengthens our customer loyalty, increases sales and sets us apart from the competition. It is cheaper to retain customers than to recruit new ones.

At SPEQ, we cultivate an open learning culture in order to identify sources of error in our projects. Have we met the deadlines and costs according to plan, achieved our goals and the satisfaction of all project members? The primary question should not be what went wrong, but what could have been done better: Lessons, we have learned